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Light new cigarettes, pour more drinks.

الوسادة الخالية ستايل؟
Do not ever leave my hands. (at Hilton Cairo World Trade Center Residences)
انا اخو العروسه نوسه (قريبا). Congratulations my sister 💃 (at Heliopolis)
🍸🚬 (at Sequoia)
Drug Dealers. (at Rehab City)
Last weekend @TAMARAIRG By Fadi Essam thanks to @CairoZoom. (at Tamarai)
We’re up all night to get lucky. (at Tamarai)
We look so innocent.
Shamsi, Kiki and Ghazi.
Her smile is the best thing you can ever imagine (at Mall of Arabia)
Heading to Bahrain 👨👩✈️ (at Kuwait International Airport (KWI) مطار الكويت الدولي)